Tax Day

Growing up as 1 of 5 kids, my dad often found it difficult to remember our birthdays. Lucky for him, my birthday always fell on the day before tax day. So, as you can imagine, I've been familiar with this dreaded day for as long as I can remember because whenever my dad announced my birthday he always smiled and followed with, "Of course I can remember it! It's the day before taxes!" 

I did my taxes for the first time in 2015 using Turbotax and I was shocked to learn just how complicated it can be.. Shame on Turbotax for those "even a dummy can do it!" commercials! I'd like to think I'm pretty savvy with things like this, but it's NOT as easy as they make it seem! Now what I'm really wondering is why in the hell wasn't there a mandatory class in high school or college that taught me these things?! It's pretty amazing the $$$ you spend on education only to leave and find out that you know VERY little about basic, mandatory life skills. I'm not saying I'm helpless. I've managed to navigate post-grad life quite well compared to some of my fellow millennials. I'm just saying it would have been nice to master the ins&outs and shortcuts of things like insurance, investing, savings, and doing taxes.  

Ok, ok enough with the venting.. Check out some of my favorite contemporary and vintage desk accessories below! Perhaps a well-curated home office might help you swallow the government taking away half of your earnings... yikes...Deep. Breaths.